On the other side of the gate!

India-Pakistan tensions have many a times resulted in political disputes, trade wars, occasional firings and sometimes even brutal wars. Every India-Pakistan issue has resulted in tension across the border except for one Wagah-Atari border near Amritsar, Punjab. Here both the countries compete over a friendly parade every day. The crowds from both countries gather toContinue reading “On the other side of the gate!”

Dharamshala stadium under attack!

Dharamshala is famous for being the capital of Tibetan refugees and many other tourist places like Bhagsunag waterfall, St. John Church, war memorial and most importantly for a cricket fan like me the famous HPCA (Dharamashala) Stadium. First on the day’s list was his holiness the Dalai Lama’s Temple, as it was near to ourContinue reading “Dharamshala stadium under attack!”

Everybody is treated like a god in God’s own country, Kerala.

Kerala along with its Spices, Dark green forests, expensive tea leaves, Backwaters, Temples and Dosa is also famous for its massage. There are many Spas in Kerala which give extremely relaxing and rejuvenating Ayurvedic massages. But one peculiar spa in Guruvayur attracts people to just watch the massage and get relaxed. The Punnathur Kotta ElephantContinue reading “Everybody is treated like a god in God’s own country, Kerala.”

A person showing his cherries in Pondicherry…!

The French town of India has a huge coastline. Within two days we covered almost all heavily crowded beaches of Pondicherry. Be it the famous Promenade beach facing the French colonies or the Auroville beach. Due to their fame, they are continuously huddled by the tourists. The peace of the sea waves and the calmContinue reading “A person showing his cherries in Pondicherry…!”

Rajasthan has huge kitchens.

Rajasthan like its huge ghagras, forts, people with gigantic moustaches and of course their huge welcoming hearts, also has huge kitchens. How do I know? Well, we had an opportunity to cook in Rajasthan. We Indians might not try local food but we will definitely try home-state food in other states or Indian food inContinue reading “Rajasthan has huge kitchens.”