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On the other side of the gate!

We reached Wagah border at around 3:30pm for the 5:15pm parade show. The security check took a long time as the line I was standing in, was of course the slowest one. We reached the viewing gallery gate which was closed. We asked the guard and he said it was full. As I and my dad could not enter the gallery we settled on a boulder with a certain height. Immediately, four army men with two dogs came and told us to get down. They came near and inquired about us. Within minutes of our curious questions, they were sharing their experiences. These experiences made us happy that we were lucky not getting a chance to sit in the gallery.

Licking it clean!

Bikaner is highly famous for its Farsan and thus we bought 7 varieties of Farsan out of which we finished 5 even before leaving Bikaner. The next day we were to travel to the rat temple of India and on our way there we had finished off the other two Farsan packets. Now being a good tourist I had kept all the packets in my sack. As soon as we entered the Rat temple we saw thousands of rats licking the milk and mithai kept for them. This rang a bell in my head and within minutes I was licking the Farsan packets inside out. Read more to know how this incidence ruined ice-cream for my lifetime.

Dharamshala stadium under attack!

Dharamshala along with its monastery is also famous for its beautiful Cricket Stadium. Cricket fans can never miss that view: The white capped Dhauladhar ranges creating a magnificent backdrop for Dharamshala Cricket Stadium (HPCA), the clouds playing peek a boo with the mountains, the red pagoda stand is highlighted in light blue sky. Amidst the Kohli, Kohlicheering in my mind I could now hear a buzz out of nowhere. It gained back my attention to the present but still could not find the source of this buzz. The buzz was only getting stronger and now everyone looked in each possible direction. Suddenly my mother shouted, “Everyone just duck there are bees coming from behind.” The bees took two or three rounds of the stand, just like the spider cam but instead of rising up and waving we were now just ducking down. The stadium was now attacked by angry buzzing bees.

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Author- Abhishek Purohit