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Munnar the confluence of three.

Standing on the walls of Raigad fort and listening to stories of the Great Shivaji Maharaj, my heart was filled with pride and bravery. This brave heart was soon going to cry with fear. A short 3-hour drive took us to the secluded Karde village. After a long dip in the ocean we sat down for a dinner where the locals told us that today we could see Mars the closest to earth in 11 years. To watch this spectacle we went back to the beach in complete darkness. I looked up at the completely star filled sky. My small eye was unable to fit in the innumerable stars, twinkling every second and the outcasted yet beautiful red planet. My uncle told us focus on some suspicious yellow light in the sea. This scared me and I started sobbing holding my mother tight but what followed next made this adventure worth while.

Over the clouds!

Trips with college friends are always loud music, laughs, pranks and yes, some controversial games. Ours though took a silent turn. We hit the roads on local bikes to Bhushi dam where a few hundred people were sitting and shouting at each thunder as it was the peak rainy season. After shouting and having oily pakoras we needed some peace and we found Tiger hill to be the solution. But some events on Tiger hill made us completely silent and everyone was in just awe of the mother nature.

Munnar the confluence of three.

Munnar seems to be a perfect scenery painting. We reached Munnar at night and the temperature was freezing 1℃. Now all we needed was a ‘kadak Indian chai’. The hotel tea is generally very bland and thus we decided to walk and find a road side tea stall. The roadside tea pot was now boiling with three different aromas of clove, cardamom and lemon grass. As we sip our tea we hear sound of water flowing with gush then the alert stall owner tells us the story of the rivers of Munnar and how Munnar got its name from these rivers.

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Author- Abhishek Purohit