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Chaos is mindfulness!

Our whole family except the younger generation was going to the Ganga Sagar. This holy place is considered to be very peaceful. Leaving the peace we were determined to enjoy shopping in the most chaotic city of India. This fun fold shopping and food trip was about to take a different turn as we were about spend the next 3hours of our life. I from the front seat could see the distant Howrah bridge completely filled with unmoving cars. Everyone was by now honking as one of the trams had got stuck right in the crossing and people were now fighting with the tram driver increasing the chaos in the situation. Irritated by all this and predicting this will go on for a while, I closed my eyes. Then what happened changed my life completely.

Spotlight in the Sea on a pitch-dark night.

Standing on the walls of Raigad fort and listening to stories of the Great Shivaji Maharaj, my heart was filled with pride and bravery. This brave heart was soon going to cry with fear. A short 3-hour drive took us to the secluded Karde village. After a long dip in the ocean we sat down for a dinner where the locals told us that today we could see Mars the closest to earth in 11 years. To watch this spectacle we went back to the beach in complete darkness. I looked up at the completely star filled sky. My small eye was unable to fit in the innumerable stars, twinkling every second and the outcasted yet beautiful red planet. My uncle told us focus on some suspicious yellow light in the sea. This scared me and I started sobbing holding my mother tight but what followed next made this adventure worth while.

Story of Sword.

Right on the first day we went to find some sword shops in Amritsar. We found 3 shops very near to the golden temple. My uncle wanted us to bring a sword from Punjab. Like any other tourist shop the shopkeeper was making up stories for every sword to tell how rare it was. He started, “This sword was gifted to the King of Thailand by our Patiala prince. But it got stuck in the customs on Thailand airport and was sent back. The proud prince never took back his sent gifts thus left it unclaimed and I bought this sword from airport auction.” We bought that sword but the sword had something else in mind and before we could gift the sword to my uncle the sword had made real its story.

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Author- Abhishek Purohit