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Over the clouds!

Trips with college friends are always loud music, laughs, pranks and yes, some controversial games. Ours though took a silent turn. We hit the roads on local bikes to Bhushi dam where a few hundred people were sitting and shouting at each thunder as it was the peak rainy season. After shouting and having oily pakoras we needed some peace and we found Tiger hill to be the solution. But some events on Tiger hill made us completely silent and everyone was in just awe of the mother nature.

Garjiya: The protector against the wild.

With 30+ fatal animals and reptiles roaming around, Ramnagar needed some protection from the Jim Corbett National park. Hence the locals prayed to impress Garjiya Devi (Hindu Goddess) and then she settled down on a Mountain in Kosi river. WE chose to walk through the fierce flowing kosi river towards the temple. Tired from our river adventure, my aunt waited to gasp some air before climbing the steep stairs of the temple. Showing our vigour, we started climbing the stairs, midway through we could hear aunt shouting from below. Immediately running down, we saw two monitor lizards in her way staring at her. Amidst this chaos something miraculous was going to happen which changed our faith in god.

Nothing is Hot in Munnar.

After a sharp right turn, we could see a patch of light probably our destination we thought. The driver confirmed that it was Munnar, the paradise on Earth. Excited to smell the tea gardens we opened windows for about a second and immediately closed them. The freezing cold air hit our faces like thousands of small needles. The lobby clock showed 1℃ as the current temperature in small red just below 9:30pm in bold. As the kitchen was about to we went straight to the restaurant to find everything that was served was made almost from ice. Read the complete tale to find out how we find one thing which was warm in Munnar.

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Author- Abhishek Purohit